What a GED means to our Students and the Community

Through our programs, we assist our students in their efforts to be independent and financially stable. According to a December 2007 study by the University of Tennessee Center for Business and Economic Research, people with a GED or high school diploma earn an average of $9,000 more per year than those without one. They are also 72% more likely to be employed.   

Research conducted by the National Institute for Literacy states that while parental income and marital status are both important predictors for children’s literacy levels, neither is as significant as having a mother who completed high school or has a GED. By developing a more educated population, we broaden students’ job opportunities and increase their earnings potential; and in doing so, decrease the intergenerational cycle of poverty, raise workforce effectiveness, increase civic participation, and improve the community’s overall economic well-being.

Our goal at Friends of Literacy is to give students the basic tools they need to become better workers, parents, and citizens. Obtaining a GED is an important step for our students toward lasting changes which result in financial stability and independence in their lives. If you know someone that could benefit from these services please e-mail us at or call (865) 549-7007.


The length of time it takes to earn your GED or learn to read varies widely from student to student.  It may depend on:

  • Your skill level upon entering our program
  • How often you attend class and how much you study outside of class
  • How rapidly your skills improve