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Path Forward Program

Friends of Literacy’s Path Forward Program helps students beyond getting their high school diploma.  Students also learn how to manage personal finances, how to use a computer at work or for higher education, and how to enroll in post-secondary education and/or get a better job. Learning these skills can improve the lives of the students and their families 

The HiSET classes of the Path Forward Program meet two days a week at various locations around Knoxville.  Classes are offered during the daytime or the evening.

Along with the HiSET classes, the Path Forward Program includes workshops on personal finances, study skills, and career exploration as well as computer skills.  These workshops are offered around the students’ schedule of HiSET classes and at our Hill Avenue Office.  The workshops are geared towards the students’ personal goals of attending college or finding a better job. 

To learn more about Friends of Literacy’s Path Forward Program or to enroll in a workshop, please contact us at 865-549-7007 or email us at