Jody Collins

JODY COLLINSSenior Graphic Designer, Radio Systems Corporation Height: 6’7” Age: 33

Jody is a guy you can look up to, literally. He is 6’7” and when you glance upwards, you’ll be looking into deep green eyes. Jody loves the mix of city and country living that comes with residing in East Tennessee. He is an active volunteer because he really loves Knoxville and he strives to help make it the best city it can be. Some of the places he gives his time to include: Bark for Your Park, Community Shares, United Way, and City People. He enjoys listening to comedy-based podcasts because they crack him up. When asked what he just can’t live without in life, Jody answered, “Phone (contains music, movies, camera and internet), car (because I like to travel) and a pen.”