Lee's Story

Upon discovering that he did not have the skills necessary for his job, Lee's supervisor encouraged him to come to Friends of Literacy. Reading maps, manuals, and other instructional documents was something he could not do on his own. "I would have to ask somebody, and that was very hard to let somebody know that you couldn't read at the age of 30," Lee says. But with his courage, and the support of his supervisor, family, and Friends of Literacy, Lee achieved his goal.

"I really didn't think I could learn to read and write, but after a couple of months seeing I could, I just stayed with it. Friends of Literacy has made a great difference in my life, plus my family's life."

You can make a difference for a student like Lee. Did you know that:

  • A $50 donation purchases workbooks for one non-reader
  • A $100 donation provides a month of instruction for one non-reader
  • A $200 donation purchases a set of classic novels for the non-reader classroom

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