Friends of Literacy

Educating adults in the tennessee valley



Our Mission

The mission of Friends of Literacy is to provide high-quality adult education programs for those in our community who are inadequately educated to meet the challenges of daily life. Our goal is to enable our students to achieve their full potential and become better citizens.

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Our Programs

Friends of Literacy's goal is to enable our students to achieve their full potential and become better citizens.  We offer basic and intermediate reading, language arts, and math classes, as well as one-on-one tutoring.


Beginning readers

The Beginning Readers program at Friends of Literacy launches adults on the path to reading. Open to anyone who can verbally communicate in English, regardless of their native language.


Tennessee Valley Reads

Tennessee Valley Reads, an extension of Beginning Readers, brings education closer to adults who need it by training and supporting other organizations, churches, and civic groups as they implement reading programs for adults at various locations in our community.


Adult Basic Education

The Adult Basic Education Program at Friends of Literacy provides provides language arts and math instruction for students at an elementary level.  Adults are grouped with peers based on academic level and work in small learning cohorts facilitated by an instructor.  


Literacy and Math Tutoring

Friends of Literacy offers one-on-one tutoring at our North Broadway office and other area locations. Tutoring sessions are led by volunteers in the One-on-One and Start Now programs. 


"The work you do to achieve a goal is as important as the goal itself."

John Moss, Friends of Literacy Graduate