Executive Director


Job Title:           Executive Director
Location:           Knoxville, Tennessee
Date Posted:      May 2017


Friends of Literacy seeks to hire a full-time Executive Director. A successful candidate would include someone who shares a passion for educational advancement, workforce effectiveness, and second chances. The organization is celebrating great successes with a record year for fundraising and clients served. This is a fantastic leadership opportunity to take a thriving organization into its next phase of growth. 

Organization Description: Founded in 1991, Friends of Literacy’s (FOL’s) free Adult Education Programs provide free high quality literacy and adult education classes for the 1 in 12 adults who are unable to read or write above a 6th grade level and the 1 in 8 adults without a high school or equivalency diploma so that our students can become better workers, parents, and citizens. FOL manages several education programs and those include: Path Forward, Community Schools, and Adult Reading Classes. For more information about FOL visit www.friendsofliteracy.org

Summary:  The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the organization, program planning and development, project management, external relations, staff hiring/supervision and finance. The Executive Director works closely with the Board, staff, and volunteers to carry out or delegate the following responsibilities.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

1.      Provide leadership for development of fundraising strategies and execution.  Expected that 20% of hours worked will be toward these duties, including but not limited to:

§  United Way Partnership

§  Funder Relationships

§  Special Events

§  General Donations


2.      Provide project oversight to support literacy and adult education initiatives in our community.  Expected that 20% of hours worked will be toward these duties, including but not limited to:

§  Adult Literacy

§  Adult Education

§  Volunteer Development

§  Community Outreach


3.      Provide project management of grants and contracts.   Expected that 20% of hours worked will be toward these duties, including but not limited to:

§  Grant research, writing and reporting

§  Ensure grants goals are meet within budget

§  Build relationships with new funders and potential partners

  • Contract development and management


4.      Provide leadership for general and administrative operations. Expected that 20% of hours worked will be toward these duties, including but not limited to:

§  Develops the annual budget, in cooperation with the Finance Committee, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

§  Oversees financial management of the organization, ensuring compliance with financial policies, manages accounts, and provides monthly reporting to the Board of Directors on the financial status of the organization.

§  Manage and lead Friends of Literacy employees

§  Registration and licensing

§  Preparations for board and committee meetings

§  Human resources-payroll, employee appreciation, ongoing training and issues with staff members


5.      Provide leadership and guidance to volunteers and Board of Directors for program development activities. Expected that 5% of hours worked will be toward these duties, including but not limited to:

§  Long Range Planning

§  Programs and Initiatives

§  Planning and Implementation


6.      Develop and promote community relations opportunities. Expected that 15% of hours worked will be toward these duties. This position serves as a principal representative of the organization, maintaining and developing relationships with key external contacts, business leaders, and the community at large.


Qualifications/Skills & Knowledge Requirements

§  Bachelors degree 

§  Minimum 5 years directing or 6 years’ experience in other capacity with nonprofit organization

§  Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal

§  Experience and strong skills in fundraising, fiscal management, budgeting and forecasting

§  Proven track record of effectively leading a performance-driven organization

§  Marketing and public relations experience

§  Strong leadership qualities and leadership experience

§  Knowledge of nonprofit regulations

§  Background in education or program management

§  Demonstrated program development and implementation skills

§  Ability to represent the organization effectively in a variety of settings and with diverse communities


This position requires comfort and ease with managing multiple roles and responsibilities, ranging from day-to-day operations to big picture vision work. Ideal applicants will have a strong background in revenue generation, particularly from individual donors and events, combined with experience working with or serving on Boards of Directors.


How To Apply

Please send a personalized cover letter and resume to info@friendsofliteracy.org by July 7th.