The mission of Friends of Literacy is to provide high-quality adult education programs for those in our community who are inadequately educated to meet the challenges of daily life. Our goal is to enable our students to achieve their full potential and become better citizens.

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Our Team


Teresa Brittain, Executive Director
Jennifer Riley, Program Director
Madison Bankston, Special Events Director
Denise Hoffman, Instructor
Sharon Kocuba, Instructor
Angela Long, Office Mgr/Program Asst

Shirley Burchfield, Office Asst through SCSEP
Rosemary Stewart, Contract Financial Consultant/Bookkeeper


Jamie Davis, President
Beth Miller, President Elect
Elle Benson, Vice President/Secretary
Mary Lucal, Treasurer

Dino Cartwright
Bess Connally
Christopher Cowart
Jonathan Ford
Sidney Gilreath
Robin Helton
Nicole Hight
Hannah Houser

Jacob Kamer
Bruce McCamish
Elba Marshall
Wade Stonebrook
Jessica Strutz
John Temple, Jr.
Erik Wiatr

Since 1991, Friends of Literacy (FOL) has been a resource for adults in our community who are under-educated or illiterate. FOL offers free reading, language arts, and math classes.


Ralph, a Friends of Literacy student reading a book with Friends of Literacy Volunteer, Sydney

Benefits of Literacy include:

  • Better job opportunities and higher earnings
  • Opportunities for educational advancement and vocational training
  • Decrease in intergenerational cycles of poverty
  • Improved workforce effectiveness
  • More active civic participation


    Friends of Literacy is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, governed by a volunteer board of community leaders and supported by individual donations, corporate gifts, and grants.   

    For more information about literacy and adult basic education issues, visit ProLiteracy, the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development, and The Office of Vocational and Adult Education.