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Alex Miller

  • Process Engineer, Johnson Matthey

  • Age: 25 

  • Height: 6’0"

Alex, a true lover of science, is most proud of earning his chemical engineering degree which he says was not an easy task.  In fact, he credits Dr. Bill Nye, the science guy, as a large influence in his young life that inspired him to never stop questioning, exploring, and learning. In his spare time, Alex serves as an advisor for Leadership Tomorrow of Sevier County. He says this opportunity gives him a chance to help young professionals cultivate leadership skills.  If Alex could travel anywhere in the world, he would go to the Truffle Festival in Italy. Perhaps if you ask him nicely, he would take you with him.

Andy Wilson  

  • Freelance Online Advertising  

  • Age: 32

  • Height: 6’0"

Andy graduated from UT with a degree in marketing and afterwards earned his MBA in international business from AIU in London. If Andy could have any superpower in the world, it would be teleportation, which would come in handy as he never wants to stop traveling. Although he loves East Tennessee, he is thrilled that his job allows him to work and travel wherever the internet exists. His ideal first date would be set on an outdoor patio where he and his date would have a few drinks. A lover of comedy, sports, and social satire, Andy says his friends would also describe him as friendly, funny, and a bit untamed.

Ben Hicks

  • Computer Technician, PSTCC 

  • Age: 46 

  • Height: 5’6"

Ben most certainly defines the word explorer. He has sailed the English Channel, trekked the Himalayas, hiked the Andes Mountains, helped the poor in the jungles of South America, walked the steps of the Eiffel tower, had a fish massage in Cambodia, straddled the Ecuador in Ecuador and mountain biked the world’s deadliest road in Bolivia. Obviously an outdoor enthusiast, Ben also loves the symphony, the theater, and ballroom and swing dancing. The three things he cannot live without are God, his passport and constant laughter. A date with this guy would certainly be fascinating to say the least!

Brandon Gibson

  • Premier Service Rep. at Elavon /Performer/Entertainer

  • Age: 29

  • Height: 5’5"

A service rep for a local company by day, but an entertainer by night, Brandon is certainly multi-talented. He loves to cook (known for his amazing cheesecake), likes playing the piano, enjoys attending live performances, and loves a good whiskey or wine. Although Brandon currently resides in Knoxville, he grew up a Navy brat and has lived in many places. Frequently Brandon offers his skills as a performer to the Volunteer Ministry Center, the Fantasy of Trees (which benefits East TN Children’s Hospital), and the City of Knoxville (performing for the city’s tree lighting ceremonies on two occasions) at no charge. 


Bruce McCamish

  • Photographer  

  • Age: 51

  • Height: 6’4"

Bruce says his smile and warm disposition are usually the first things people notice about him. You can usually find him wearing his jeans, admiring the work of Ansel Adams or learning about the newest photography techniques. He says the craziest thing he has ever done was vacuum the snouts of wild boars- all in the name of research of course. Bruce feels it is his calling to use his God given talents to those that can benefit, which is why he donates many photos to charity. He doesn’t believe “winning” is everything but does believe in “giving everything you have inside to the people and things you love.” 

Chad Jones

  • Sales, Hype Energy  

  • Age: 30

  • Height: 6’2"

If Chad could meet anybody, he would like to meet Michael Jackson, for you guessed it, dance lessons. His favorite movie is Tombstone and he dislikes bad drivers. Chad’s friends would describe him as the “funny guy,” which can be demonstrated by his favorite item of clothing, a Kenny Powers t-shirt. He has lived in Knoxville his whole life and spends his time volunteering with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The superpower he desires most is to be invisible. Chad holds a special place in his heart for Georgia football and the Dallas Cowboys and says he just couldn’t live without sushi and beer. 

Garrett Smith

  • Sales, Lipman Brothers

  • Age: 31

  • Height: 6’3"

It’s hard to find something that Garrett isn’t good at doing. Evidenced by his athletic ability, playing basketball, kickball and golf, he also excels in playing the guitar, chess and trivia. Garrett’s friends would describe him as genuine, personable, caring and laid-back. However, if you’re interested in ‘friending’ him, you won’t be able to do it on Facebook since social media isn’t really his thing. When you finally get to meet Garrett, his height will be hard to miss but most likely the first thing you’ll notice his exceptional sense of style, which explains why his favorite article of clothing is his shoes.

Hector Fernandez Rodas

  • Business Development/Sales,  Express Employment Professionals

  • Age: 38

  • Height: 5’10"

The craziest thing Hector has ever done? He says, skinny-dipping on a tropical beach. Hector resides in Knoxville but is originally from El Salvador. Most people don’t know that when he lived in El Salvador, he helped to deliver over 50 babies as a health care professional. If he could travel anywhere, you’ll find him jet-setting to Greece to dive into this country’s vast history, culture and food. Hector’s ideal date includes a delicious dinner, good conversation and good wine.  Friends describe him as loyal, caring, and fun which is the perfect recipe for this bachelor to show you a good time.

James Osborne

  • GM & Partner Knoxville Sports and Social Club

  • Age: 32

  • Height: 6’0"

The dreamy blue eyes of this bachelor are looking for a gal to take out for a fun and easy-going date. When he isn’t shouting “Go Big Orange,” you can find James cheering on the New Orleans Saints or kicking butt in kickball. If this country music loving man could meet anyone, it would be a hard toss-up between Jesus and George Washington, both honorable choices. His friends describe him as funny, a little reckless, sincere, blunt, and dependable, and on any given day you can find James either hanging out with his friends or working.

James Witt

  • Bartender, Cherokee Country Club   

  • Age: 31

  • Height: 6’1"

The first thing you’ll notice about James is his impeccable style and his witty sense of humor. James enjoys exercise, scotch, and the smell of the ocean. This dog lover is originally from small-town Madisonville, TN, but enjoys living in Knoxville. He says his friends would describe him as weird (in the good way), silly, and honest. His dislikes include country music, snakes, onions, and liars. A perfect date for James includes laughter, chemistry, and maybe a kiss.  James is also looking for a connection that leaves him feeling better about the world. Could that connection be with you?

Joel Adams

  • Cosmetology Instructor, TN College of Applied Technology  

  • Age: 42

  • Height: 6'0"

Joel says his greatest accomplishment is being a great dad and nothing makes him smile more than seeing his boys become young men. Joel loves to cook and says that his dream job would be to sail the seven seas by working on a cruise ship. Although he is from Chattanooga, he loves all the outdoor activities East TN has to offer, including camping, snowboarding, and fishing. Funny and full of life is how his friends would describe him. His ideal first date would include a nice quiet evening with good conversation, but bungee jumping is the best way to bring out Joel’s wild sense of adventure.

John Temple, Jr.

  • Financial Advisor, Patriot Investment Management    

  • Age: 55

  • Height: 5’11"

Don’t let the suit fool you; this financial advisor would trade his dress shoes for running shoes any day. Hailing from Knoxville, John’s favorite things about living in East TN are the lakes, mountains and, of course, Knoxville. In addition to working at his job and exercising, John has spent an extensive amount of time volunteering with various organizations around the community. He enjoys giving back and sees high value in it. John’s friends also label him as always happy and always willing to help. If John isn’t working out or soaking up the great outdoors, he is most likely watching Rocky I or Lord of the Rings.

Jonathon Ford

  • Owner, Sweet P’s    

  • Age: 32

  • Height: 5’10"

The first thing people notice about Jonathon is the smell of sweet southern BBQ which is fitting since this bachelor is the proud owner of Sweet P’s BBQ. This Atlanta boy now calls Knoxville home and loves the people. He enjoys the outdoors, especially when he can run and bicycle.  What many people do not know about Jonathon is that he was a national yoyo champion in middle school. For Jonathon an ideal date is casual and includes good food and good company. Italy is the dream destination for this southern boy because of its beaches and food.  It will be one lucky lady who wins this bachelor’s heart.

Lane McGinnis

  • Engineer, Key Safety Systems

  • Age: 36

  • Height: 5’10"

It looks like the south has successfully converted this northern Ohio boy into a true southern. We know this because he now prefers cowboy boots, Chris Stapleton, and Dolly Parton.  The first thing you’ll notice about this bachelor is his smile. Lane also says if you think he has a familiar face and you have seen me before, you’re probably right. He is the organizer for one of the largest social meetup groups in Knoxville. A guy who loves his family, his friends and his dog, Lane definitely has that outgoing personality that a girl could not forget. 

Matt Wegzyn

  • Entrepreneur

  • Age: 26

  • Height: 6’4"

Matt’s hobbies range from reading for personal development to working out and watching movies to unwind. This jack-of-all-trades firmly believes in trying anything once and leaving nothing to regret. He loves the amazing weather East TN offers along with the friendly people, beautiful scenery and, of course, the Vols. He doesn’t think any of the things he has done are technically ‘crazy’ but if you ask nicely enough he will tell you some wild stories from his past. One thing on his bucket list is to travel to Australia, and the one thing he must have in his life is the opportunity to create his own path.


Mean Jean

  • Radio Personality, Hot 104.5

  • Age: 32

  • Height: 6’2"

Don’t let the name fool you ladies, Mean Jean doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Most people would describe him as the nicest person they know and the first thing you’ll probably notice about him is his laugh. Mean Jean hails from New York, but has found his way to Knoxville as the radio personality, entertaining us nightly on Hot 104.5. When Mean Jean isn’t on the radio he likes to spend his time volunteering as a Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Knoxville. His favorite thing about East TN are the seasons and the craziest thing he has ever done is skydiving.

Russ Jenson

  • Director at 311

  • Age: 55

  • Height: 6'1"

Although Russ is currently the Director of 311, his dream job is to be a writer. Most certainly his uncanny ability to connect the dots would serve him well in this desired occupation. This L.A. native says the accomplishment he is most proud of is when he successfully wrote and lobbied a state law on strangulation that passed in 2011. Russ is a busy man, serving the community as president and chairman of several local committees. This car enthusiast also has a need for speed, and whether it’s cars or planes, Russ believes “the faster the better.”

Shane Murphy

  • Solutions Architect, Scripps Networks Interactive

  • Age: 41

  • Height: 6’3"

If you ask Shane what he is most proud of, being a superlative father will be the first thing he says. When not working, he volunteers with Beardsley Farm, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Childhelp Children’s Center, the Children’s Festival of Reading, and MUSE Discovery Museum. His desire is to expose kids to life’s rich variety of opportunities. This Knoxville native knows his way around the outdoors and loves to invest his time into learning new and challenging activities. His ideal date is one where the two of you speak easily, with intelligence, substance and intimacy. The setting is less important than the chemistry.

Tony Bernhardt, Jr.

  • Vice President of News Local 8

  • Age: 35

  • Height: 5’9"

This Florida native loves living in downtown Knoxville within walking distance of dozens restaurants and takes full advantage of all the great outdoor activities this area has to offer. He also thinks Knoxville is home to the friendliest people on the planet. The ever-talented Tony is also an abstract painter and has held several art shows in the D.C and Tampa areas. When not working or painting, Tony can be found volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, United Way and YWCA. The craziest thing he has ever done is skydive with a group of Army rangers in an undisclosed location.

Tyler Brock

  • Sales, Stowers Cat

  • AGE: 26

  • HEIGHT: 5’10"

This spontaneous adventure-loving bachelor is a one-of-a kind Disney loving man, and he isn’t afraid to admit it. His favorite movie is, you guessed it, The Lion King. Tyler enjoys running half marathons, traveling, and all things related to the outdoors, especially fishing. This jetsetter is known for hopping on a plane and going wherever the wind takes him. You’d better hang on tight to this bachelor because super speed is his super power of choice. A Knoxville native, Tyler donates his spare time to volunteering with St. Jude. He says the thing most likely to make him smile is paying it forward.  

Wayne Bledsoe

  • Writer at KNS and Radio Show Host

  • Age: 55

  • Height: 5'10.5"

This eligible bachelor has been in a rap battle, a hot air balloon and a rabbit suit. A newspaper writer and radio show host exudes a witty sense of humor and always keeps his audience laughing. Wayne volunteers as a board member of Waynestock, a three-day music festival that donates money to a notable and worthy cause. His ideal first date is one where everything is planned but you’re having such a good time that is doesn’t matter if you follow the plan or not. A family man interested in art, hiking, gardening and poker, Wayne is one of Knoxville’s finest bachelors.